Join Rally, Appcast and Advantage Solutions for a  Webinar On Demand to learn creative strategies to overcome high-volume recruiting challenges during a labor shortage. 

You'll hear from Thomas Knight, Director of Talent Acquisition and Employment Marketing at Advantage Solutions, who will share his recent recruiting strategies that have enabled him to find talent to execute merchandising and sampling in large grocery, big box, and for Club Demonstration Services (CDS) inside of Costco. Also joining us will be Nancy Cochran, at Appcast, who will share new approaches being used by companies to successfully meet today’s high-volume staffing demands.

Execute creative strategies for high-volume recruiting 

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The labor shortage is real, yet there are valuable strategies recruiting teams can use to fill open jobs as companies ramp up hiring again. What can we learn from hiring during the first half of 2021 that will give you an edge for the second half of 2021?

You’ll walk away with ideas to prepare for and boost your efforts for fall and winter hiring. Join Rally and Appcast to learn: 


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Effective High-Volume Hiring During a Labor Shortage



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Effective methods for high-volume hiring during the labor shortage

How to understand current attitudes and behaviors of today’s hourly talent 

Considerations for attracting candidates to safely work in-person 

Specific strategies to prepare for, and get ahead of, the Fall and Winter hiring season

Thomas Knight
Director, Talent Acquisition and Employment Marketing, Advantage Solutions

Thomas Knight
Director, Talent Acquisition and Employment Marketing, Advantage Solutions

Nancy Cochran
Director, Appcast 

Nancy Cochran, Director, Appcast

Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally

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