If you’re looking for solutions that can help you overcome your recruiting challenges right now, then register for this Webinar On Demand. We've teamed up with PandoLogic and Express Employment Professionals to bring you proven ways that have increased applicant quantity by 400%, improved candidate quality by 50% and reduced no-shows by 20%, implemented in a matter of weeks.

Increase quality and quantity candidates to gain a competitive edge in recruiting  

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Lack of quality applicants. Getting ghosted during the recruiting process. High turnover. You’re not alone in facing today’s competitive hiring market. But that’s exactly the challenge: every company is trying to recruit during this labor shortage while navigating through the Great Reimagining of what people expect from work and their employer.

This webinar will help you work smarter not harder by learn about:


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How to increase top quality candidates by 50%

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How to get your open jobs in front of more qualified, diverse talent using programmatic job advertising

Smart ways to leverage automation to eliminate manual TA processes that technology can do for you

Tips to build your talent pipeline faster while ensuring applicants fit with both job requirements and your company’s values

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Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally

Anjie Wheeler
Client Success Associate, PandoLogic

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally

Jim Levine
Franchise Owner, Express Employment Professionals

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally

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