[Webinar On Demand] 3 Must-Have Recruiting Videos That Candidates Love

Video has become one of the most important types of content to tell your employer brand story. But with all of the ideas you have and all of the requests coming in, what video topics are the most important to support your recruitment marketing strategy? Get all of your questions answered about creating amazing video content that candidates love. We’ll show you 3 must-have recruiting videos for your content library, why they work and how you can bring them to life. You’ll get practical tips for planning your video projects, selecting employees and locations, and promoting your videos to attract right-fit talent. Featuring Kristi Raines, Global Lead of Talent Brand & University Relations for Sonoco, and Lauryn Sargent, Co-Founder of Stories Incorporated. (Length: 1 Hour)


  • What makes a great company culture video, and what doesn’t
  • How to authentically communicate your company’s commitment to diversity & inclusion
  • What topics and stories resonate with early career professionals to support internship programs and campus recruiting
  • Live Q&A with our speakers


Lauryn Sargent      Kristi Raines      Rally Founder Lori Sylvia

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[ FREE Video Class ]