If your leadership is only measuring Recruitment Marketing by the number of job applicants you generate, they’re not seeing the full impact you're having on building value in your company.

Effectively Measure Your Employer Brand Impact

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Traditional recruiting KPIs are important, but they're not measuring the full value that you bring to your organization. Your role is not only to attract talent to jobs, but also to attract talent to your employer brand. After all, virtually no one will take a job today at a company they know nothing about. So it's time to reframe how you're measured to show your leadership and key stakeholders all of the ways that you're moving the needle each day to attract talent who resonate with your company's value and culture and who are interested in your company as an employer.  

In This Webinar, You’ll Learn:

The New Way To Measure Recruitment Marketing


New strategies for measuring how well your employer brand messaging and content are performing

How to figure out what story your data’s telling you, and then how to use this information to improve your strategy and show your impact on talent attraction

What analytics can tell you about how content performs across social and digital platforms

Ways that your organic content can help you create more effective paid ads (and vice versa)

Jessie Summerfield
Recruitment Marketing Specialist 

Jessie Summerfield, Recruitment Marketing Specialist

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Lori Sylvia
Rally Founder & CEO

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally
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Join us to learn the new way to measure Recruitment Marketing. Rally's Lori Sylvia is joined by Recruitment Marketing Specialist Jessie Summerfield to show you how to track and analyze candidate engagement with your recruiting content to see your impact on attracting talent to your employer brand.

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