[Live Webinar] Why Programmatic Job Advertising? An Expert Explains

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[Live Webinar] Why Programmatic Job Advertising? An Expert Explains

Thursday, March 26 from 2pm-3pm ET // 11am-12pm PT

What happens when you let technology decide where and when to advertise your jobs? It might sound nerve-wracking to think you’re giving up control, but early adopters of programmatic job advertising have experienced just the opposite: tighter control over ad spending, higher-quality applicants and real-time data to make better recruiting decisions.

Join Rally and Appcast for a Live Webinar on Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 2pm ET // 11am PT to hear real results from a practitioner who made the switch to programmatic. Our featured speaker will be Matthew Mackenzie with Platinum Supplemental Insurance, who will share how he lowered his cost per applicant and increased new hire quality by putting programmatic technology in the driver’s seat.


  • Matt’s proven methodology for managing a talent pipeline like a marketing-sales funnel, and the three recruiting metrics he tracks to measure job advertising effectiveness
  • What criteria you should consider when testing new job boards and social media channels, and how to find what works best for you
  • How programmatic performs compared to recruiting channels that he manages directly, and how Matt uses data from all sources to optimize spending decisions
  • What surprised Matt the most about letting technology take the driver’s seat in his job advertising strategy, and how to use data to advance your career


Eligible for 1 PDC from SHRM and HRCI

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Matthew Mackenzie Platinum Supplemental Insurance

Matt will take you inside the evolution of his job marketing strategy starting from 2013 when he made a bold move away from manual ad placements to using programmatic technology. He will also share the lessons he’s learned along the way from testing various job boards and social media channels. Matt currently oversees a 17-state recruitment advertising strategy that drives 1,500 applications weekly for hard-to-fill roles. No matter how you currently advertise jobs, you’ll walk away with actionable strategies for getting the most out of your budget and choosing the best sources for your company.


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