Join Rally and Appcast for a  Webinar On Demand as we unpack the latest recruiting benchmark data to help you improve your recruitment advertising results in an uncertain but competitive labor market. 

Learn how, when and where to reach the candidates you seek as well as how much you may need to pay to reach candidates based on geographic and market factors.

What were the key job market lessons of 2020 and what impact will they have on recruitment advertising trends in 2021?

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2020 taught us that high unemployment rates don’t necessarily create a windfall of job applicants, or that a bigger pool of candidates doesn’t always result in lower recruiting costs.

Join Rally and Appcast for this live presentation to learn how to optimize your recruitment advertising budget, whatever 2021 brings. You'll learn:


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Recruitment Advertising Trends: What to expect in 2021?



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What are the trends in cost-per-click and apply rates across job functions and industries

Where to advertise jobs to reach candidates from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups

Specific recruiting strategies to bring more women back to work after the Shecession

How attracting remote talent could lower your cost per hire

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally

Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally

Chris Forman
Founder & CEO, Appcast

Chris Forman, Founder & CEO, Appcast
Watch On Demand: Recruitment Advertising Trends: What to expect in 2021?
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