Join our expert-led webinar to learn a strategic recruitment marketing blueprint for how high-volume hiring teams can attract the right people into their pipeline faster.

Talent Attraction in High Gear

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In today's competitive job market, recruitment marketers face the challenge of attracting and converting high volumes of candidates efficiently and effectively. In this Rally Webinar, our panel of experts will address the unique challenges of high-volume recruitment, emphasizing the need for speed, scalability, and maintaining quality. Participants will gain insights into amplifying their employer brand, activating new talent pools, getting more ROI from their job advertising, career site and CRM, and how to use smarter automation and personalization to drive action and shorten time-to-hire. 

Leveraging effective recruitment marketing strategies tailored for high-volume hiring environments that also enhance your employer brand.

Access and activate new talent pools to expand your candidate base and meet hiring demands quickly and efficiently.

Optimize your recruitment marketing investments to achieve better ROI from job advertising, career sites, and CRM systems.

Implement smarter automation and personalization techniques to drive candidate action and significantly reduce time-to-hire.

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Join us for a dynamic Rally Webinar where industry leaders from Wells Fargo, Great Clips and Dalia will reveal key strategies for scaling up your recruitment marketing for high-volume hiring. Discover how to access new talent pools, utilize smarter automation and embrace personalization techniques that can significantly speed up your hiring workflows. This session is essential for those looking to gain a talent attraction advantage and achieve efficient, high-quality outcomes.


Wednesday, June 5

2 PM ET | 11 AM PT

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Director of Recruiting Resources, Great Clips


VP, Talent Attraction & Engagement, Wells Fargo

Sam Fitzroy

Co-Founder and CEO, Dalia

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Scaling Success:
Recruitment Marketing Strategies for High-Volume Hiring 

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