Demonstrate the effectiveness of your recruiting strategy to leadership using the power of people analytics and compelling storytelling techniques. 

Transform people analytics into powerful data stories that show your impact on talent acquisition.

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Proving the effectiveness of your recruiting strategy to stakeholders is an ongoing challenge. How can talent acquisition leaders and recruiting teams address this issue without having to wade through tons of data to uncover what really matters? Join our Rally Webinar featuring Collective Health and HireRoad to uncover best practices for people analytics. We’ll cover the fundamentals of setting up your analytics, pinpointing critical metrics and creating compelling data narratives for leadership. You'll walk away ready to address common challenges like aligning your metrics with corporate goals, turning complex questions into actionable dashboards, and creating a data-backed recruitment strategy. Join us for this engaging discussion packed with actionable strategies! 

Discover Strategic Metrics for Stakeholders: Learn the metrics that matter most to leadership, hiring managers and recruiters, and how to tailor your reporting to their unique needs.

Transform Business Questions into Data Visualizations: Understand how to turn complex business questions into actionable data visualizations that provide clear and concise answers.

Convert Analytics into Compelling Stories: Learn how to turn your recruitment data into impactful narratives that resonate with stakeholders and communicate your effectiveness - from the ‘what’ to the ‘why’ and the ‘so what’

Track Diversity Goals: Explore how to use people analytics to monitor and align diversity recruiting and hiring metrics with your corporate objectives.

Connect Recruiting to Retention: Uncover ways to link your recruiting efforts to retention outcomes, particularly for hard-to-fill or high-volume roles.

Drive Adoption of People Analytics: Gain best practices for achieving stakeholder buy-in and adoption of people analytics at your organization.

Evaluate Advanced Analytics Tools: Determine when it’s time to upgrade beyond your ATS, how to build a compelling business case and what to look for in an ideal analytics partner.

Plus live Q&A with our panel!

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Join Rally to learn the secrets to doing people analytics the right way... through stories! Our expert panel will guide you through the essentials of setting up your analytics, identifying key metrics to track and crafting compelling data stories to share with leadership. Learn to tackle common challenges like aligning metrics with corporate goals and translating complex questions into actionable dashboards that matter to your internal partners. This webinar is perfect for TA leaders and recruiting teams looking to define their people analytics strategy and communicate their impact. Don't miss it!


Thursday, July 25

2pm ET // 11am PT

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Showcase Recruitment Effectiveness through Data Storytelling  

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Kristen Boyle

Vice President of
Marketing, HireRoad

Skyla Lambeth

 Senior Recruiting Operations Manager, Collective Health

Lori Sylvia

Founder & CEO,