Social media is one of the most important recruiting channels for every employer, yet do you know what’s working right now to grab candidates’ attention in this highly competitive labor market? It might not be what you think...

Evolve your social recruiting strategy

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Social media algorithms reward engagement with more reach, so if you’re not publishing compelling recruiting content that breaks through the digital noise and influences your talent audience to react or click, then your social followers aren’t even seeing all of the great content you’re producing, and you may actually be doing damage to your company’s overall social strategy. Yikes! But don’t worry, we can help.

Discover how to create engaging social posts that will put your jobs and your employer brand in front of more talent to help solve your current recruiting challenges, without depending on just job boards. In This Webinar, You’ll Learn:

Social Recruiting Strategies That Boost Candidate Engagement


New ways to track, measure, analyze and report on your social recruiting content that will make your strategy more effective

What type of recruiting content is attracting and engaging talent right now on the top social media platforms (and it may not be what you think)

Publishing strategies that work and don’t work, from when to post recruiting content, to whether repurposing content is worth the effort, to the impact of employee advocacy

How to use real-time insights to inform your Recruitment Marketing content plan, given the dynamic nature of social media algorithms

Examples of social posts that broke through the digital noise, why they work and how you can borrow these strategies today

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Lori Sylvia
Rally Founder & CEO

Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO, Rally
Rally Webinar

Join us to make sure your social recruiting content gets seen!

Rally Inside - Show Your Impact

Join Rally’s Lori Sylvia for a Webinar On Demand to learn social recruiting strategies that will outsmart your talent competitors. Lori will share new data and valuable insights from the charter users of Rally® Inside™, our new analytics & benchmarking tool that tracks and measures candidate engagement with your social and digital recruiting content.

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