Join Rally and Stories Incorporated for a Webinar On Demand to learn how to better engage talent through content showcasing your people and company culture. In this informative how-to webinar, Jessica McFadden, Head of Marketing at Stories Incorporated, will share data showing why people content, in particular, needs to be a priority in the months ahead. You’ll then learn from real examples what successful story-based content looks like, and consequently the kinds of stories you should aim to tell about the people at your own organization. 

Create engaging employee stories that’ll be a hit with talent (and the data proves it!)

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The data is in: candidates are officially oversaturated with jobs content. Despite employers posting 21% more content advertising their careers, open jobs, benefits and internships, engagement with this content is down 62% compared to the last 5 weeks of 2021*.

Content focusing on your employees, leadership, hiring managers and other people in your company, on the other hand, is receiving double the engagement it was in Q4 2021. For savvy recruitment marketers, this means a HUGE opportunity for more engagement from talent, especially since so few employers are posting people and culture content right now (postings are down 40%).

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Why Stories of Your People are Key to More Talent Engagement

Stories Incorporated

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Analysis of the latest Rally Inside data to understand why employee stories are such an important part of your Recruitment Marketing strategy 

Pro tips and real examples of the type of story-based content that is working with candidates right now, including Compilation stories, Standalone stories and Team storytelling

Jessica McFadden
Head of Marketing, Stories Incorporated

30 Minutes

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Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally


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These 30-minute webinars provide ideas and guidance around a specific concept or technology. Led by subject-matter experts, the goal is to provide talent acquisition professionals with actionable insights and useful skills to execute their strategies.

*data taken from Rally Inside Benchmarks