[Webinar On Demand] Evolve Your Employer Brand: Storytelling for Team Value Propositions

To make the strategic impact you want to make in your company, you’ll need to ensure that business unit leaders and hiring managers see the direct connection to how your efforts support their recruiting needs today. That’s why the next step in employer brand development is to partner across teams to create content and messaging that tells the unique culture and employee experience of each team, business unit and location. Learn how forward-thinking employers are bringing their team value propositions to life to attract and recruit candidates for hard-to-fill roles and business hiring initiatives. Featuring panelists from BAE Systems and AstraZeneca. (Length: 52 minutes)


  • How to collaborate with business partners to tell their team value propositions to directly support recruiting efforts
  • What candidates want to know about teams, and how that’s different from your corporate messaging
  • Examples of compelling content for teams, business units and locations
  • How to ensure that your TVPs align with your EVP and tell a consistent employer brand story





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[ FREE Video Class ]