What You'll Learn:

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2020 marks a major shift in the world of work. While working remotely has been on the rise for some time, the global pandemic has turned this from a trend into the new normal. Tens of millions of people have proven that their jobs can be done from home, and have come to enjoy the flexibility that this work arrangement brings. As a result, a new cohort has emerged: the Work Anywhere Workforce. Their expectation for working remotely will change how companies operate and will impact how we attract, recruit and retain talent for years to come.

What changes can you expect and how can you be prepared and even get ahead of this shift?

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how to attract and recruit talent as a remote-friendly or remote-first employer from two practitioners who are already thriving in this environment.


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3 Seismic Shifts to Talent Acquisition



Digital. Virtual. Remote. 2020 has changed everything. Are you ready to attract and recruit talent as a remote-friendly or remote-first company?

What is the Work Anywhere Workforce?

The Work Anywhere Workforce (WAWF) defines the growing number of people who can and want to work remotely, and who now expect support for flexible work arrangements from their employer.

Is your talent strategy ready?

3 major shifts being created by the Work Anywhere Workforce and specific actions you can take to evolve your talent strategy today

Digital job advertising strategies you can use to attract and source remote talent when you don't know where they're physically located or where they spend time online

Important changes you'll need in your application process and virtual candidate experience when recruiting talent who may never step foot in your office

How to enable your hiring managers to make the shift too, to ensure that you're able to engage and retain remote workers in your company culture

 Key Take-Aways:

“I really enjoyed today's session – one of the better webinars across the industry in some time."