[Video] Programmatic Job Posting Software, featuring Appcast

Tom Chevalier, Appcast

Appcast’s Tom Chevalier explains how programmatic technology works to recruit for both high-volume and hard-to-fill roles. Unlike working directly with job boards, programmatic technology advertises jobs across a network of job boards, websites and social platforms, uses algorithms to decide where and when to share your jobs and how much budget to allocate, without channel bias.



Tom Chevalier, Appcast   Lori Sylvia, Rally

Appcast is a developer of programmatic job advertising technology. Tom Chevalier from Appcast teaches us how programmatic job posting technology works, how to set up campaigns and rules to manage cost per applicant, and why this approach produces a better quality of hire. No matter how you currently post jobs, you’ll learn how data can help you make better decisions to get the most out of your recruiting budget. (Length: 29 minutes)


Appcast is a sponsor of Rally. Their sponsorship fee helps us to create educational content and events on Recruitment Marketing.


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