[Video] Recruitment Marketing Software, featuring iCIMS

Matt Geffken, iCIMS

iCIMS’ Matt Geffken shows us how employers can create a modern careers site from customizable templates and how Google technology can be used to provide a better job search experience for candidates. Plus, see how a recommendation engine works to match recruiters with candidates using a CRM that discovers qualified talent already in your database.



Matt Geffken from iCIMS   Lori Sylvia, Rally

The iCIMS Recruitment Marketing Suite offers automation, personalization and measurement capabilities that elevate the candidate experience and enable smarter decision making for faster, better hiring. The iCIMS Recruitment Marketing Suite includes iCIMS Attract and iCIMS Nurture. (Length: 27 minutes)



iCIMSiCIMS is a sponsor of Rally. Their sponsorship fee helps us to create educational content and events on Recruitment Marketing.


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