Why Text Recruiting Became Our Go-To Call To Action

Text recruiting can increase your applicant flow, decrease time to hire and make a big impact on your Recruitment Marketing. Erica Campbell explains why texting is now her go-to call to action for all job advertising. The result has been immediate engagement with candidates, helping recruiters at Dierbergs Markets to build their talent pipelines and fill open jobs faster. (Length: 18 minutes)

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Why Text Recruiting Became Our Go-To Call to Action

When you advertise your jobs online, your call to action is usually click to apply. Time to convert a potential candidate into an applicant can be seconds. But when you use offline channels like billboards, radio and in-store displays, should you advertise your careers website address? How many candidates will stop what they’re doing to open their mobile phone’s browser and type in your website URL? How many will go on to apply in that moment? Of course the answer is very few, so is there a better way to instantly engage with candidates and capture their interest on the spot?

Erica Campbell, Talent Acquisition Manager at Dierbergs Markets, will share how one strategy has made a big impact by increasing her candidate flow and decreasing her time to hire. That strategy? Inviting candidates to “text TEAM to 97211.” With the success of using text recruiting across their offline recruitment marketing channels, Erica now advertises their text shortcode in their digital and social media channels as well. The result has been immediate engagement with candidates, helping recruiters to fill their talent pipelines faster as well as providing a responsive candidate experience.

RallyFwd™ Speaker Bio:
Erica Campbell, Talent Acquisition Manager at Dierbergs Markets

Dierbergs traces its roots to a country, general store founded in 1854 in West St. Louis County. Today, Dierbergs employs 4,100 Associates across 25 locations. The company regularly earns high marks for their perishable departments, product variety, customer service and store cleanliness. In 2018, they were named the #1 grocery store in Missouri by msn.com.

As the Talent Acquisition Manager for Dierbergs, Erica manages branding, strategy, and execution of recruitment efforts for the company’s 25 retail locations, production facilities, warehouse and corporate office.

And as for the good stuff (the info you can’t find on LinkedIn or a resume)…. She’s a self-proclaimed foodie, addicted to coffee (and none of that Pumpkin spice stuff) loves craft beer (specifically IPAs) and a quite a fan of Tractor Pulls–for the non-Midwesterners, you’ll probably need to Google that one!

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